Few notable new features in iOS 7

Here are “few notable new features in iOS 7″ because the over all look of iOS 7 completely different lunch as animated transitions when opening and closing apps. the important thing to notice the look of iOS7. it’s still easy to pick up and use right away because the core functionality is largely the same.


Few notable new features in iOS 7

Control center and Notifications

Control center is new features to come to iOS your most-used settings front and center, and is available from any screen. In iOS 7, you can swipe up from the bottom of the display to bring up quick-access tools, like a Wi-Fi meter, brightness, Airplane mode, music controls, and more.


Safari browse

They now preview as vertically scrolling rectangular cards and look similar to what we’ve seen on some Android phones. You’re no longer limited to eight, and you swipe them away in a gesture, just as with Android.


filter sorts out links from people you follow on twitter and makes it easy to retweet them. You can now scroll from one story in your reading list right to
the next.

iTunes Radio: iOS7 intoduce a revamped music appliaction. user can simply search and add a new station for an artist or song title.One of the key drivers for Apple and record labels alike is music discovery.


All of the content streamed through iTunes Radio is available for purchase through the iTunes Store, allowing users to own the song and listen to it at their convenience.

Camera and Photos apps: Apple made lots off changes with camera On the Camera Roll side, Apple drops the endless list of photos that you may or may not break out into albums. With iOS 7, Apple treats photos as moments in time organized around geotagged locations, not just chronology. This takes a cue from Apple’s desktop iPhoto counterpart.


Siri matures: A new soundwave animation appears at the bottom of the screen when you speak, and Siri’s results come up in full screen, not just a tiny card. We did notice that Siri still takes some time to respond search queries, so Google Search still holds the speed record for voice searches. We also like what we heard in the keynote that Apple will be adding “high-quality” for non-English languages over time, including French and German.


The visual overhaul, which becomes available this fall, is a clean sweep that changes absolutely everything, from the typography and color schemes to the typical icon and button shape across the entire platform. And we mean the whole  thing — from the Safari browser to the photo app.

While there are a few notable new features in iOS 7, the new interface is by far the platform’s deepest felt and most profoundly changed of the entire batch. Apple’s other features are relatively uninspiring and do little to challenge competitors; however, we have a feeling that Apple is saving some major reveals for its next big iPhone announcement.

FaceTime audio: The days of abandoning FaceTime every time you want to make a straight audio (rather than video) call from your iOS device are coming to a close. Apple announced that high-quality calls over Wi-Fi will complement video calls for those who would rather talk while on the move.



Automatic updates:A tiny, but enormously time-saving addition, the App Store gets automatic app updates in the new OS. This new feature was bittersweet because while we don’t like constantly looking at the updates notification, there are some apps that we want to see the new features before we update. Apple assured us in our meeting that auto updates can be turned off in the settings.


Multitasking: Apple may sneer at Microsoft, but it certainly likes its rival’s aesthetics
when it comes to multitasking. Now, double-tapping the home screen brings up
not just tiny thumbnail icons of your open apps, but also a tall preview (like
a mini screenshot) of what you’re looking at. Borrowing from Android’s recent
app list, swiping away a preview closes the app.


A few more noteworthy updates

  • Unlock the phone, and icons drift down
  • Revamped weather app shows dynamic weather animations onscreen; pinch for
  • all-city overview
  • Night mode for maps
  • iCloud photo-sharing
  • iCloud keychain remembers sensitive data
  • Long MMS support
  • Swipe from day to day in Calendar
  • Phone, FaceTime, and Message blocking
  • View PDF annotations
  • Activation lock to protect against theft
  • Support for 60fps video capture
  • App store volume purchase
  • Maps bookmark synching
  • Notification sync
  • Smart download for TV episodes
  • Smart mailboxes
  • Wi-Fi hotspot 2.0
  • Tweaked mail search
  • Inclinometer support
  • AirDrop from activity sheet
  • Background asset downloads
  • Per app VPN
  • Single sign-on for Enterprise



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