How to fix error 927 in Android phone

There are various error codes which you might come across while accessing the Android phone. The most troubling and frequent error code is error 927, which is related to the google play store.

How to fix error 927 in Android phone

This error generally occurs, when a user tries to download or update the applications from google playstore. In this  post, we’ll discuss how to fix error 927 in Android Phone. Here are the tips:

Method 1

  • Tap Settings
  • Select All
  • Choose Google Play Store.
  • Now stop the google play store application
  • Hit the Force Stop option.
  • Now Clear Data and Cache Files by hitting the clear button.  
  • Now once you’ve done with the above steps carefully, try to download or update your applications from google play store.

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Method 2

  • Login through your different gmail account
  • Open System Settings
  • Go to Accounts
  • Select Google
  • Hit Remove your previous Gmail accounts.
  • Again Force Stop the google play application and clear data and cache files.
  • Hover to the account settings option and add your gmail account.
  • After doing the above steps, again download your applications from google play store.

After following these tips, you could easily solve the error 927 in your Android Smartphone. If you liked this post, suggest your opinion by commenting below.




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